Technology Review:

June 13, 2010

The Nintendo Wii is the latest console coming from Nintendo and it brings a great gaming experience for anybody to love. By anybody I mean it is a console gamers will love, casual gamers will love, and it is great for good family entertainment. The system is the first to rely completely on the motion of the gamer coming with controller known as the Wiimote. The Wiimote is what makes playing the Wii one of the most interactive experiences players have had in years. No longer are you just sitting down on the couch playing games. Games on the Wii require you to get out of your sit and really become immersed in the action. You’ll find yourself swinging your arms like crazy trying to win a tennis match or knock out a home run. For games that require two hands players will need to equip the extra piece known as the nunchuck which plugs right into the Wii mote.

There are many great titles out for the Wii today, Super Mario galaxy 2, Zelda Twighlight princess, and Metroid Prime. If fans of retro Nintendo games are missing the classic they could also log onto the Wii shop channel where they can find all of the old classics that they know and love such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bro’s and Megaman. The built in wireless makes it very easy to log onto from any where in the house. If you don’t want to play the retro games, but you want to play last gen’s games and you still have some of your old Gamecube disc around then its no problem because the Wii is backwards compatible meaning you can play all of your old Gamecube titles, the one problem I have with this is you will need to buy an old game cube controller but its not that big of a problem seeing that they only run a couple of bucks.

At the time the Wii was first released their were few people who complained that the Wii was not a 1:1 experience, meaning the motions they did with the controller did not match the on screen reaction. Will Nintendo is a company who likes to listen to their fans and they introduced recently the Wii-motion plus and it promises 1:1 controls and it does show an increase in reaction time but I can’t see if it is actual 1:1 control, it really depends on the sensor bar that comes with the console. HD seems like a must in today’s gaming industry if your going to buy a console and this is where Wii falls short of the mark. It only allows you to do up to 480p which is pretty low on the standards of today seeing that both its competitors do 1080p and 720p at the lowest.  This is something that really hurts the Wii because graphics are a big part of a gamers choice today in this generation. Also, with the Wii there are not too many games going online which is another huge part of gaming in this generation. All in all if your looking for a great gaming experience and you don’t care as much about graphics and online play, or if your just looking for great fun with friends then the Wii is a great purchase and it now comes in two colors the original white or the black console, it’s the second best console in Japan next to the ps3 and it’s a good price $199 and it comes with two games and the wii motion plus. In the end I give it an 8.5/10.

P.S The .5 comes from how original the games are.


I like Japanese food but I never realized how much I would miss American food if I haven’t had it in two weeks. For some reason it seems like the food in Japan never fills me up and if the food is good it seems to be missing some extra flavor like salt and pepper or it needs some sort of sauce. Speaking of sauce I was upset to find out McDonalds didn’t even have Barbecue sauce for my nuggets. The same thing happened to me at KFC when I ordered Nuggets  it came with Ketchup which isn’t a good mix. Even the pizza from Dominions I ordered didn’t taste the same, it wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t like it was at home. I was just missing good authentic, American fattening foods. The last straw was when I went to subway and they didn’t have the sweet oninon chicken Teryiaki  or banana peppers. If you don’t have that then your not subway.  This is when I started to miss Rally’s, Wendy’s and our home Subway. Also I’m a big candy eater and they seemed to only have one type of candy which got old fast. When in Japan don’t expect American food, even though I think Mos Burger and Freshness Burger did a good Job, next time I’m in Japan I’ll just stick to Japanese food. Maybe a Lotteria cheeseburger here and there.

Flying Home

June 4, 2010

Leaving Japan was one of the longest days in my life. I was ready to go home but at the same time I wasn’t. I enjoyed my visit to Japan but my pockets didn’t and I was going broke from spending my money on food and riding the subway and was kind of happy I wouldn’t have to do that any more. I learned that Japan is a very expensive place no wonder people are working 24/7 Caring my bags wasn’t that much of a problem because I only had two and they weren’t that heavy but I’m glad I caught the Narita express. After that it was time to fly four planes because I got the stupid route. From Tokyo to Minneapolis, from Minneapolis to Milwaukee, from Milwaukee to Detroit and from Detroit to Lansing. Even the Japanese lady at the airport laughed at my schedule because she knew it was stupid. On the first plane I sat next to a lady from Korea who continued to attempt to talk to me in Korean so we had to use sign language to communicate which quickly became frustrating, but it was funny so we both had some laughs. The flight back didn’t seem as long as the flight to Japan probably because I was more excited to go to Japan. Everything went smooth until my flight got delayed in Milwaukee and the flight from Detroit to Lansing was pointless because I swear it was about five minutes as soon as we got the air he said we will be landing in Lansing shortly. It was like the runway took you straight to Lansing. At the time I was actually ready to go home. Now that I am home sometimes I find myself missing Japan. I realize I was starting to get use to the things there. I didn’t mind riding the subway any more, I was use to the peaceful environment, and all of the walking traffic. If I were to get a job working at a gaming company in Japan I wouldn’t mind, hopefully I can go again someday for another visit if that doesn’t happen.


June 4, 2010

Meeting with more Japan students seem like it was going to be fun but I think the visit to Keio University was better then this one. I was kind of uncomfortable talking to the students because they seem to not understand a word that I was saying so I had to try to speak some of my conversation in Japanese. It was funny how excited the students got when the understood one word that I said. Once I asked a student did he play basketball, I think the only thing he heard was basketball because he got overexcited “AH Basketball I like!” I could tell that many of the students were nervous because their English was not that good but I can understand because it would be the same for me if things were reversed especially when you have absolutely nothing to talk about. I found it interesting that their homework was to read the newspaper and answer questions because this looks like work we did in elementary and its difficult for them but the same happened to me when I attempted to read an elementary Japanese book. I did meet some cool people like this girl that did Karate, and this other girl who seemed really into manga and anime and it was fun but sometimes challenging to communicate with them. I tried to give people pointers like to watch t.v shows on the internet in english because that is what I try to do to aid me in my Japanese studies.

JR Rail

June 4, 2010

Since this was the last Company in the beginning I was just tired and did not want to go and I was also just not interesting in seeing the Rail Company especially since they think they have the right to charge me all of that money. After hearing how many millions of dollars it cost to make each car I no longer had a problem with paying the money. The visit was not as boring as I thought it would be. The Ice coffee that they gave me not only was good it also helped to wake me up and so they got cool points because it was the only company to give me something besides water.  Some cool things I liked about the presentation were the videos they showed particularly the one with the guy falling down the stairs. Also the visit turned out to be helpful because I was able to print out a route from the hotel to the airport. They had some other cool things on display, when thing I didn’t get was a flower head like object attached to a monitor and when you clicked on the location on the monitor it the flower head would point in that direction but to me its just like looking at the map but the interactivity is cool. The most funny thing about this company is any time we ask them a question they would all go “ohhhhhhh” Sometimes they didn’t even answer the question they would just hit us with the “Ohhhhhh”

Tokyo Giants

June 4, 2010

I’m not much of a baseball fan and normally I can’t see how anybody could watch nine innings of the sport on T.V or in real life but for some reason I had a good time at the Tokyo Giants game in Japan. It was a a good experience and it was fun to see how dedicated the fans were to the team. Each player had their own chant once they stepped up to the plate which adds to the excitement of the game. Once the ball was hit you could see the emotion in the fans face and you can’ t help but to join them in their cheers. Sometimes the game is only as exciting as the crowd makes it seems and the crowd really did do a good job of making this one exciting. The best part of the game is when the giants knocked out two home runs in a row after the other team delivered their own homerun. The game almost went extra innings but the Giants pulled through with the fans behind them. If I lived in Japan this would be something that I could see my self doing often because it was pretty fun and if you have a group of people with you and you do a little drinking it makes it even better.


June 4, 2010

Everyday we went out I saw Japanese kids on the streets walking around somewhere we were located. Every time we saw the kids they would say Hello and laugh and I thought that was funny. Then I started to think to myself when are these kids ever actually in school. Every time I turn around their was a group of Japanese kids getting on the bus with us or walking in a large group with us to temples. Its like everyday is a field trip and all the learning is done outside of class. I know the reason for this is because there are so many different schools in Japan but still it didn’t matter what time of the day it was or where we went their was a field trip booked for the students. I wish we had field trips everyday at my school. I know the kids probably know a lot and appreciate the things in their culture a lot because every time you would see them at the temples and things they seemed so excited to be viewing the attractions. I thought it was funny who the kids seemed to treat us like celebrities and wanted to take pictures with us.

Hiroshima Museum

June 4, 2010

Seeing the Hiroshima Museum reminded me just how horrible the attack that occurred was. I viewed a video of the incident when I was in middle school, in the video they showed people in hospitals who had been damaged by the radiation and you could tell that the damage was extremely painful both physically and emotionally. Looking at the model of what the city looked like before and what it looked like after the assault was surprising to me that almost the entire city was destroyed. I then thought how crazy it was that I was in a city that was almost completely destroyed at one point. It felt kind of awkward being an American and walking through the Museum but at the same time I felt as though we were paying our respects for a tragedy that our people in the past had caused. In the end Japan has had a history of assaults on other nations as well in the past but I don’t think any country deserves to be hit with something like this.  Hopefully in the future there will be no more attacks like the one that happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

D3 Publishing

June 4, 2010

This was one of the points of the trip that I was most interested in because I have always been interested in manga and anime and it was good to go to a company that has published works in that field. I was kind of disappointed that all we basically spent time talking about was anime Otaku and the type of games that they play because I hate those type of games. Games like Dream Girls Club aren’t really appealing to me and I really don’t know anybody else who actually likes those type of games in America(there are a few here and there) so it gave me an outlook on what some of the people in Japan where playing. It seems in America the majority of gamers are more interested in shooting games. A cool feature that was showed off during the presentation was when they showed their video that you can comment on and the comment would show up directly in the video other then that I didn’t enjoy this visit as much as I thought I would but I still enjoyed the presentation and getting to see with Otaku are after in a game, now if i live in Japan I have an idea of what type of game to create.

Visiting Temples

June 4, 2010

The Temples that we visited was a nice way to view the culture of the Japanese people. During the visits you could see just how in tune the people were with their culture. I saw many praying rituals for example like when people would donate money and pull a string to ring a bell and also the drinking of holy water. There were many different statues of Buddah and other monuments. It was just cool to actually see this stuff in person. Things that I usually only see on T.V on the history channel and wallpapers on the computer I finally was able to see with my own eyes. One of the things I thought was cool personally is in one of the temples in Kyoto(think it was Kyoto) when I saw all the gold statues that were exactly the same I was surprised at how many were made and I just keep thinking of how long and how many people had to work on all those statues. I know it is something that took a lot of hard work and dedication I have always been  interested in Japanese history and there is so much more I want to learn about it but I’m glad I was able to see some of these things for a change instead of just talking about them in IAH class.